5 Marketing Strategies Agents Should Focus more on


Whether you are a new real estate agent or an experienced one, it’s important to have and maintain a strong marketing strategy. Overlooking strategic selling points can happen, and hinder your chances of closing on a home. Here are five important real estate marketing strategies all agents should focus on.

Using Social Media

Posting on social media significantly helps you promote a listing. The best thing about using social media is that is demands engagement and attracts leads. Keeping up with the latest social media trends will help keep you ahead of the competition and drive in new leads.

Have A Target Group

While it is good to be a jack-of-all-trades and be able to help sell to luxury clients and new home buyers it can also be hindering. You have probably heard the phrase jack-of-all-trades master of none. Spreading yourself too much can lead to inefficient marketing. Instead, focus your marketing towards a specific group and become a pro answering those clients practical and financial questions.

Spend Time on Descriptions

The language you use to describe your listings will significantly entice home buyers or steer them away. The best way to approach descriptions is to put yourself in a homebuyers shoes and describe the amenities and other features they would like to hear about.

Sending Newsletters

Having an email list of potential buyers in the area of your listing is a great marketing tool to take advantage of. Creating a call to action in an email and featuring your current listings can attract leads.

Having A Responsive Website

Let’s face it, most people search online today for their homes. Having a website is the first step in your marketing strategy. It’s equally important to have a website that can function easily on a desktop, tablet, and phone.  

What Today’s Homebuyers Are Looking For


Everyone’s preference is different when it comes to searching for the perfect home. Some care solely about location, while others are looking for a home with an open floor plan. But you may ask yourself, what is the most common selling home in today’s real estate market?

With data pulled from Trulia, we pinned a traditional selling point vs. a modern selling point to see what is more popular. Some may be obvious, while others may take you by surprise.


Soaking Tubs vs. Claw Foot Tubs

Soaking Tubs are actually more popular, according to Trulia.


Hardwood vs. Carpets

Hardwood – this was a bit obvious as most people prefer hardwood floors because they are easier to clean and are longer lasting.

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Marble Countertops vs. Quartz Countertops

Quartz – while quartz countertops may initially be more expensive, marble countertops require more maintenance, which can add up.


White Cabinets vs. Dark Cabinets

White cabinets – these help create a bright, lighter, and bigger looking kitchen.


Subway Tile vs. Basketweave Tile

Subway tile – these types of backsplashes have become very popular over the past few years.


Floor-to-Ceiling Windows vs Bay Windows

Bay windows – although the numbers were close, bay windows were a more popular selling point.


Sub-Zero Appliance vs. Viking Appliances

Sub-Zero appliances – another close one, but sub-zero took the lead here.


Electric Stoves vs. Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves – This is another obvious one, but gas stoves save money over time and are far better for cooking.

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Why Buy Between Thanksgiving and Christmas


The official start to the Christmas season is the day after Thanksgiving, although some people think it’s months before. The four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually spent shopping, decorating, and planning for the upcoming holiday. Amongst the holiday parties and gift ideas, rarely does buying a home cross our minds. Why buy a home when you’re busy with the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays? There are many reasons you may not have realized as to why you should buy a home before Christmas. Here are the top reasons why the best time to buy a home is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Fewer People are Buying

This is one of the biggest reasons to buy during this time of the year is because you will be one of the only people buying. This may set off alarms in your head as to why are you the only one buying, why is no one else? That’s because all those other people didn’t read this and realize that this is prime time to buy. You will have zero competition, that means you won’t be caught in a bidding war. The offer you place on a home will most likely be taken because the seller literally has no other offers. You may even get away will a price lower than you expected. Prices are already typically lower in December anyway.


Sellers are Motivated

People who put their homes on the market this time of the year do so for a good reason. Sellers are serious and motivated. Many times it’s for tax purposes, they need to sell their home before the year’s end or for personal reasons. So next time you see a for sale in front of a home, don’t be shy and feel as if you’re intruding. That for sale sign is a welcome sign for serious buyers like yourself. Take advantage of their urgency.  


Save Your Sanity With These 5 Thanksgiving Hacks


Thanksgiving is a time that should be spent seeing family that hasn’t visited in months, eating delicious food, and being thankful for all that we have. Leading up to Thanksgiving can be quite a stressful period, there’s planning, shopping, prepping, and then the cooking. With a few of these hacks, you’ll be sitting easy this coming Turkey Day.


Thermos as a Gravy Warmer

Keep your gravy warm without wasting stovetop space, by storing it in a thermos. Decant to a gravy boat right before serving.


Salad Bar Sous Chef

Save hours of prep work by heading to your local grocery store and hitting up their salad bar. Here you will find veggies and fruit already washed, sliced, and peeled, ready for your salad.


Kitchen Cabinets as Cookbook Stands

Eliminate the clutter in the kitchen on the big day by printing out any and all recipes and taping them to the kitchen cabinets. You may think you can just read the recipes off your iPad, but when you’re in the hustle and bustle of the day, you’re not going to have time to wipe your hands each time to open the lock screen. Plus, your chances of damaging it will go up.


Chicken Broth as a Turkey Reviver

Whoops! Did you accidentally overcook the turkey? Don’t worry; you did not mess up Thanksgiving by making everyone eat dry turkey. Just drizzle a little warm chicken broth over the overcooked bird. This will moisten the meat and add flavor. You can also use this tip for slices that have been left out and have gone cold.


Corkscrew as a Guest Deflector

One of the most frustrating things on Thanksgiving is when you have friends and family gathering in the kitchen either trying to help or are growing impatient. Distract your guests by giving them tasks outside the kitchen, such as opening bottles of wine, filling up water glasses, or playing with the children.  

3 sales skills you need to improve lead conversion


As leads pour into databases from an increasing number of sources, lead conversion becomes an even more critical skill for modern real estate agents.

That’s why in this article I outline three primary techniques for agents to convert more of their leads into appointments and, ultimately, contracts.

The three chief skills you need to improve your lead conversion include building rapport, qualifying leads properly, and effective closing strategies.

If you’re having trouble closing, you might be missing these three things.

Building rapport

The No. 1 and probably most important thing I see more and more agents missing is the art of building rapport.

Imagine a time in your life where you were not in rapport with someone. That awkward moment where you’re sitting across the table, and you’re looking at your phone and they’re looking at their phone and you’re not saying anything. Imagine if you knew exactly what to do to break the ice to really get to what matters most.

The most basic thing I follow and do every single time I want to build rapport is to mirror them.

We know that people prefer to do business with people just like them. If I want to be in rapport, I’m going to use the same language they use. I’m going to speak with the same pace and the same tempo. If you want to convert more leads, you have to get out of yourself and get in the moment with the client.

I’m listening for their pace and tempo because it’s going to give me insight into whether they’re visual, auditory or kinesthetic in their communication. I listen for the words they use, their pace, their volume and their tonality.

You can take just a little bit of their cadence. Pay attention to their volume, use their language, mirror them. And what happens my friends, is that we build rapport within the first 60 seconds.

The moment we break rapport, we break trust.

Ask Qualifying Questions

The next step if you want to up your conversions is to ask more qualifying questions. If you want to ultimately convert and book an appointment, you need to know your leads’ motives for taking action. You need to know what’s important to them, what their timing is, what their financial situation is.

The next step is to find out if they qualify for motivation. Asking them certain questions can help you find out just how motivated they are to sell their home or buy one.

Here are 10 questions you could ask:

  • Tell me what you’d like to do.
  • Where are you looking?
  • Why are you selling?
  • What’s the why behind it, what’s the motivation?
  • What’s your timing?
  • Who else is involved in the process?
  • What’s your Plan B, in case it doesn’t happen in (time frame)?
  • Have you met with a lender?
  • What price range would you like?
  • What’s important to you in the agent you choose to represent you?

Always Be Closing

The bottom line is that no transactions happen until we get an appointment. Don’t give up! Few appointments are booked on the first call. It’s the follow-up that matters most. Learn how to master your lead follow-up with our free “Fearless Follow-Up Bundle.”

The more you learn different closing techniques and how to handle objections, the better off you’ll be. Here are a few effective closing statements:

  • Let’s go ahead and schedule an appointment.
  • Are mornings or afternoons better for you?
  • You told me (x,y,z) and in order to achieve your goals, let’s schedule an appointment on (date and time).
  • All I need is 15 minutes. If I can show you the obvious advantages of both your time and money, could it be worth 15 minutes of your time?

The bottom line is this my friends. It’s not leads. It’s you, it’s your ability to convert and your ability to build rapport with a wide variety of people.

5 Staging Tips For That Fixer-Upper


Have you ever tried to sell a home that is not quite a fixer-upper, but does need a lot of work? Open houses can be one of the most stressful times for both you and the seller. You want the home to shine for potential buyers without putting too much money into it.

Here is how you can help your client stage their home so it will shine during that next open house:


Curb Appeal

This is the first thing you should take care of, appearances are everything. Porches tend to be a big selling point buyers, make sure they are inviting and relaxing. But first things first, start with the lawn. Make sure the lawn is alive, trimmed, and watered. Move onto the front door and give that shabby door a fresh coat of paint.


Make the living areas look alive

If the home has a separated living room, they can tend to feel cramped and disconnected. This is why it is important to make these areas of the home cozy and warm. Start with applying a fresh coat of neutral paint and sprucing up the decor with fresh and lively new pieces.


Highlight the positives

Every home has standouts that make the home unique. Whether it be its location, history, woodwork, or cozy rooms, leverage these things to sell the home.


Do a deep clean

Whether this is a fixer-upper home or not, it needs a good deep clean before the open houses begin. Start with areas of the home that may have been overlooked for extended periods of time, such as baseboards, light switch covers, door knobs, interior and exterior doors, vent covers, ceiling fans, fireplaces, and light fixtures.


Flip on all the switches

Lighting is your best asset here. Before any open house, make sure you turn on all the lights, including overhead light, fan, and other lights. While you think less lighting may hide some of the flaws, it actually does the opposite. You want the home to look cheerful and vibrant! You may even want to strategically place lighting around a room for effectiveness.

5 Objections Sellers Have

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 3.52.09 PM

There are no secret scripts or sneaky sales tactics to get sellers to sign upon every listing appointment. The best real estate agents win clients by understand prospects’ needs and desires and addresses them from the beginning.

Here are 5 seller concerns that you should be ready to address at every listing appointment:

You can’t get top dollar

Most often, a client’s home is their most valuable asset and understandably want to get the most for it. This is the time to explain your pricing strategy and why you think it’ll work.

The house needs to be fixed up first

Many sellers have a full list of repairs that need to be done and feel as if their home is not ready to sell until they’re done. Help them understand that not all repairs are critical prior to selling and refer trusted contractors to get the job done.

Your commission is too high

This is where you need to sell yourself. Address this common concern by explaining exactly why you’re worth hiring and how your commission is split.

You don’t have enough reviews

This can be the toughest concern for new agents starting out. It is important to leverage your prior successes by getting some great testimonials to put your potential clients’ worries to rest.

There are better agents out there

Not matter your level of expertise, there is always going to be a better agent. This is where you have to continue to sell yourself by understanding your clients needs and addressing them. Who knows, you may be the best agent for them.


5 of the Easiest Bathroom Upgrades

Want to transform your client’s bathroom, but they’re not ready to spend the time or money? As you know, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home that add value. Here are 5 easy bathroom upgrades that will make it look like it was remodeled.

1. Replace the linens

Replacing the shower curtain, bath towels, and bath mats are the easiest way to change up your bathroom. Look for colors that will pop that are perfect for the spring. You can easily choose unique colors to give the bathroom personality.

2. Switch out the hardware

Old or cheap hardware can make the bathroom look drab real fast. Replace those rusty or grimy hardware with something fresh. No matter what look you’re going for, hardware stores will have a wide selection of hardware you can choose from to match your decor theme.

3. Mount a new light fixture

Great lighting is crucial because bathrooms tend to be smaller. Find a light fixture that will brighten the space while adding style and functionality. Match the light fixture with the size of the bathroom, you don’t want a huge light in a tiny bathroom, it’ll just look crowded.

4. Add a framed mirror

Adding the right sized mirror can really add space. Get rid of any standard mirrors or medicine cabinets. A framed mirror will add style and give the bathroom a polished overall look.

5. Don’t skip the art

Even though your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, doesn’t mean the walls should should be left blank. Pick out interesting art pieces that will go with the overall concept or print some of your favorite photos and frame them. You can fill large walls with a gallery of photos in uniform frames.

5 Signs People Hate Your Website


As a real estate agent, your website is one of your most available tools. It is a place in which your clients and potential clients can learn more about you, the industry, their housing options. It is also a place you can advertise your listings and upcoming events, as well as contact information. But if your website is not easy to use, out of date, or takes to long to load, people won’t give it a chance.

No one’s coming

Just because you have a website doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be getting traffic. If no one’s coming it’s either your website is too hard to find or you’re not marketing it. Two ways to fix this, don’t neglect your SEO and start directing people to your website through social media, business cards, and email signatures.

Your bounce rate is too high

Are people visiting your site, but are immediately leaving? This is either because they can’t find what they’re looking for or your site is too busy, complicating their search. Remember, people who are researching don’t want to spend more time looking for their information. They want it in plain site – design a site around your clients’ needs.

All your traffic is on your homepage

Your homepage is just the front door to your website. Like in the above point, if it’s too busy or complicated, people don’t venture past it. Instead of cramming everything onto one page, keep it simple with clear navigation bars so they can find exactly what they are looking for.

No one’s signing up or signing in

You want people to sign up for your mailing list or fill out contact forms, but if it’s too difficult, they won’t do it. You have to literally put it in their face in order for them to sign up. Have you visited a website and the first thing that pops up is a form to submit your email? Have your call to action in clear sight.

No one’s linking you

Is no one sharing your website? There are two reasons for this, either no one knows about you or you’re not posting content that is worthy of being shared. One tool that most real estate agents miss out on is content marketing. This includes blogs, photos, or information that is relevant and useful to your clients.


If you need help with your website, content creation, or anything marketing, we use Kahlo Creative, who has designed our website that is user-friendly, simple, and attractive.  

5 Reasons To Be A Real Estate Agent


Starting your own business is great – you can be your own boss, run things the way you like, and the success of your business depends on you. Another huge downfall to owning your business is the time and effort it takes, the amount of money, and the chance of failure. Luckily, in real estate, these downfalls are not all that present. From working for yourself to being in an in-demand industry, there are many reasons one should become a real estate agent.


1. Be your own boss

As an agent, you get to set your own schedule, develop a client base, and decide on your own marketing methods.



2. Business growth is up to you

There is no limit to the growth of your company. With a strong work ethic and a great attitude, your possibilities are endless.


3. Client relations will yield future rewards

In a National Association of Realtors report, 66 percent of homeowners said they would recommend or use their real estate agent again. By treating your clients right now, you will reap even bigger rewards in the future.


4. Your time is yours!

This goes along with being your own boss if you want to take a vacation, take a vacation!


5. Develop a plan for the future

Later down the road, you can develop your own brokerage business. As you learn along the way, you can take your experience and structure your own business.