Declutter Thinking to Increase Productivity


Whether you acknowledged the new year by decluttering your home or not, decluttering physical space is second in importance to regularly and deliberately decluttering the space between your ears.

As a new year begins, it’s common to self-confidently, even joyfully, toss out “stuff” that’s accumulated over the past year:

  • Attacking closets to dig out long-forgotten stuff clogging up this storage.
  • Sorting through drawers to discover what’s essential and what’s not.
  • Rummaging around in workshops, play areas, hobby rooms, and other once-productive corners to decide what is truly useful and what’s just taking up space.

For real estate professionals โ€” and many of their clients โ€” productivity-enhancing brain decluttering will ensure that 2018 is a stellar year:

  • Attack touted areas of expertise to dig out long-forgotten or dated core material that is undermining modernization and relevance of this hard-earned professional expertise. The resulting improved communication effectiveness enriches relationships with prospects, clients, and colleagues.
  • Sort through relationships with clients, past clients, and everyone else who matters, to discover who’s essential to your success and that of clients’ and who is dead weight or destructive. Save time and energy to enhance focus in marketing, strategizing, and goal achievement for you and your clients.
  • Rummage around to discard out-dated dreams, mis-calculated goals, missed opportunity, failed strategies, and other persistently-distracting past experiences โ€” personal baggage. Decide what is truly useful about your past and worth integrating, and what’s just taking up brain space.

Move from unconscious to conscious to remove brain clutter.

Just as your tongue cannot stop poking at a sore tooth, your brain keeps poking at wrongs you’ve committed or feel were committed on you as well as at many other “sore spots.” Take an honest look at what continues to bother you. Which past experiences, from distracting injustices to ego-pumping triumphs, crowd out productive future thinking? What keeps you awake at night? Whatever disrupts your routine becomes your routine if it is not addressed. Get on with life.

Let your brain explore these Five Essential Good Brain Habits.

Five, so you can count them on one hand and keep track of how you’re doing:

1. Self-Determined Wellness is the result of a series of good health habits that keep you eating, moving, thinking, living… in your own best interest. Wasting time on what you haven’t done or should do but don’t, gets you nowhere. Concentrate on what you do and why, and what you can successfully convince yourself to add to your healthy routines.

2. Productive Self-Discipline is the result of confidence in yourself, commitment to what you want to spend your life doing, and what you want your reputation to stand for. Feedback from forward thinkers and mentors will help you progress.

3. Valued Sense of Humor is the result of practice stressing the positive side, removing bias, searching out ridiculous, thoughtless perpetrations, and focusing on laughter that makes everyone feel better. Humor has taken serious turns, so take care to stay current.


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